Digital Diplomas

How to Access your Digital Diploma or Certificate

Starting in July 2022, CSU Global has partnered with Parchment to provide students with both a digital and a printed diploma and/or certificate. 

Graduates will receive an email from Parchment and Colorado State University Global with a link to set up a Parchment Account to retrieve their digital diploma/certificate.  


  1.  Click on the “access your diploma/certificate” button or copy and paste the direct link provided in the email. 
  2. You will need to set up a password that is at least 10 characters long, contains upper and lowercase letters, a symbol and a number.  
  3. A verification code will then be sent to the your CSU Global email as part of the 2 step verification process. Enter the verification code into the prompt. Select SUBMIT.
  4. You will see then see a confirmation message: "Congratulations, it is now time to share your digital diploma. Follow the instructions to download a PDF document to share on Facebook and/or LinkedIn. There are links to further instructions on the Parchment page regarding sharing on different platforms."

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: My degree/certificate was just conferred this week. How do I order my digital certificate/diploma?

A: You don't have to! All new graduated students will receive a free paper and digital copy of diploma or certificate 45 days after their classes have ended. You will receive an email to your CSU Global email address that will ask you to confirm your diploma name and address a week prior to the order being placed, so be on the lookout for that! 

Q: I am an alumni and would like a digital diploma/certificate. How do I order one? 

A: You can order one directly from the Parchment Storefront, here. Currently we aren't able to offer just a digital diploma, so all orders will include a print and a digital diploma/certificate.

Q: I just request a reorder of my diploma/certificate. When can I expect it? 

A: Reorders are processed by CSU Global twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You will receive emails from Parchment when your order is being processed and when your order is ready to be claimed, so make sure to look out for those!