Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

One of the many tools that CSU-Global provides to you as a student is free tutoring services.  These tutoring services are offered through Smarthinking and may cover major, specialization, or general education related topics. You may even choose to use the writing review as a “proof-reader” prior to submitting critical thinking assignments or portfolio projects. With the writing review, please be aware that there is a 24 hour turnaround time, so plan accordingly.

CSU-Global Students are provided 900 tutoring minutes free of charge. Please note that each service used may utilize a different amount of minutes. To check the amount of minutes available, please go to “Manage My Account” in Smarthinking.

You can find the tutoring services on your student portal by clicking "Smarthinking Tutoring" in the main menu to the left. Smarthinking is also available in Canvas, under the link "Tutoring," located in the main menu to the left.

* Smarthinking is a third-party organization that CSU-Global partnered with to provide tutoring services. Any questions regarding technical issues, scheduling or services offered should be directed to their customer service number 1-866-321-1004.

** Our Instructors do not provide private tutoring outside of their assigned classes or other services with CSU-Global. If you receive messages from an instructor’s private email address, please do not respond to those messages and forward those messages to your Student Advisor. There is a very high likelihood that those emails are not from your instructor and are a scam.

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