Accepting Financial Aid

Accepting Financial Aid 

Every academic year  you will be asked to accept your financial aid loan funds. To accept your loans, from your Student Portal main page, click on the "My Account and Financial Aid" tab followed by "Financial Aid." This will bring you to a page that shows your available loan funding for your current academic year, as well as a breakdown of how that funding will be disbursed if you remain in an eligible enrollment status. 

From this page, you may choose the amount of funding you want to accept by clicking on the box that displays your loan eligibility and entering a specific amount. The amount cannot exceed what is already listed but you are welcome to reduce your loan amount if you'd like, especially if it exceeds the cost of your courses. Keep in mind, the loan amount accepted will be divided into 4 equal disbursement amounts. 

Once you have reviewed and decided on your loan amounts, simply click the "Accept" button for each loan you wish to accept. 

You may decline any loans you do not wish to accept by changing the amount to $0 and clicking the "Accept" button, which will cancel those loans, or you can simply leave them alone. As long as you don't click "Accept" the funds won't disburse - leaving the loans as is (neither accepting or declining) may be a better option if you're considering accepting the funds at a later point in the academic year.  

Please contact your Student Advisor right away if want to change the amount of loan(s) already accepted.