Military Leave of Absence

Military Leave of Absence

***For most students, the 365 day break policy is more advantageous, more information can be found about it here.  ***

The Military Leave of Absence (LOA) is designed for CSU-Global students who enter military service or receive orders to relocate to an area not conducive to online learning. Military students who are considering withdrawing from current coursework due to deployment should first discuss all options with their school advisor and military advisor. This Leave of Absence extends 180 days from when it is filed with current orders as supporting documentation.

In addition, military students who are also receiving financial aid, scholarships, or are part of a tuition guarantee program should consult with their advisor about the LOA guidelines and the impact on these programs.

To request a Military Leave of Absence you must:

  1. Complete and submit the LOA Request Form (along with a copy of your orders)
  2. Make a plan to either complete or withdraw from current courses
    1. If withdrawal is the best option, you should file a tuition appeal before requesting a refund
  3. Resolve any outstanding grades of Incomplete (I)

Note: Approved students will be reinstated in their original degree program upon returning to the school and will be grandfathered in under the original tuition rate.