RedShelf Course Materials

RedShelf Course Materials

Many CSU-Global courses offer e-books through RedShelf.  This allows you the ability to access your course material from the first day of class, avoiding the hassle of waiting for a physical textbook to ship.  RedShelf books often cost half (or less) of the purchased textbook. This partnership is designed to give you:

  • Day one access to course materials
  • Reduced textbook costs (for pricing, visit the booklist)
  • Text and note search functionality
  • Textbook access on any device and platform

One way to determine whether your course uses e-content is by looking at the CSU-Global booklist.  The booklist will indicate that charges are automatically applied to your CSU-Global ledger card if you do not opt-out of the e-book option, as seen below.  If you miss the opt-out deadline, please contact your Student Advisor for late opt-out options.   

Once you have access to your course, you can view the e-content by clicking on "Course eBook" on the left hand menu:

From there, you will be taken into the RedShelf platform and can access your course material by clicking on "View Course Materials": 

You are not required to use the e-book through RedShelf, and can opt-out during the first seven (7) days of the term.  To opt-out, you will first click the 'View Course Materials' link and will then see a grey button - "I want to opt out of access to all required material for this course". 

You have the ability to opt back in during the first seven (7) days of the term, in the event you change your mind.  

Your access to the e-book will be good for 180 days. You will have the ability to print portions of the e-book (up to 20% of the content) and you can save 10% of the content to your computer! Finally, if you decide you want to purchase the entire book, you can request a printed copy of the book for an additional charge. In this instance, you will be required to pay for the entire book separately and will purchase that directly from Redshelf