Why can't I register for all of the terms?

CSU-Global maintains two different calendar tracks so that we are able to meet federal requirements for monitoring Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), which requires us to monitor the progress of students at the end of each 16 week trimester. 

SAP cannot be monitored while a student is in class, therefore, all students must take a short break at the end of every trimester. If a student were to take a class in one of the terms outside of their degree track, they wouldn't have that mandatory break, which is why students can only take terms available on their registration track. 

We have two different registration tracks at CSU-Global: Burgundy and Gold. Students on the burgundy track are not allowed to take classes in the "D" term and students on the gold track are not allowed to take classes in the "A" term.

All Academic Calendars can be located in your portal under the "Calendar" tab.  Be sure to save a copy of the Academic Calendar for your reference as it includes all relevant start/end dates, deadlines to drop a course, and deadlines to withdraw from a course.