Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits

CSU-Global's Office of the Registrar reviews transfer credits upon submission of official transcripts. You can transfer the following amount of credits:


  • Can transfer a total of 90 credits consisting of:
    • Up to 64 Community College/Junior College credits
    • Up to 60 alternative or non-traditional credits from outside sources (CLEP, DSST, StraighterLine, Saylor, etc.)
    • Up to 30 credits from Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) courses
    • Up to 90 Competency Based Exam (CBE) and/or Self Study Assessment (SSA) credits as long as you observe the following rule:
      • No more than 50% of major requirements and no more than 3 specialization courses (undergrad only) can be fulfilled with transfer credits
    • Credits more than 10 years old cannot be applied toward major or specialization courses but may be applied to general education or elective credit
    • Written communication and math requirements may not always be fulfilled with credit earned 10 or more years prior to the date of admission


  • Graduate students may transfer a total of 9 credits
  • Alternative or non-traditional credits cannot be transferred at the graduate level

For more information about credits that may transfer in, please visit Transferology. After creating an account, you can view credits that CSU-Global generally accepts for transfer!