Texts in Alternate Format Accommodation

The Student Responsibilities for Alternate Format Materials eForm explains the process for requesting and obtaining your required textbooks in an alternate format for each term. If you are approved for the "alternate accessible format for reading materials" accommodation, the eForm will be added to your Student Portal Document Center. Review the information on the eForm carefully, select your preferred alternate format, sign the form and submit it through the Document Center. Disability and Accessibility Services will confirm receipt of the eForm within 1-2 business days. Once our office has received the completed eForm, you can request the alternate format for any required textbook for which you provide proof of purchase. 

Please read below for additional helpful information relating to this accommodation:

  • To request an alternate format for a textbook, the textbook must be listed on the current course booklist or syllabus. 
  • Receipt of purchase or rental is required for any alternate format textbook request and can be emailed to ada@csuglobal.edu. If your course uses an eTextbook that will automatically be charged to your CSU Global student account, please let Disability and Accessibility Services know this information in your request.
  • If you would like alternate format materials for required/recommended readings within your course Interactive Lectures or assignments, please include this information in your request. 
  • It may take up to 4 weeks to complete alternate format requests, so please submit your requests accordingly based on your term start. This helps Disability and Accessibility Services ensure your materials are ready when your course(s) start.
  • Disability and Accessibility Services will always work to provide your preferred alternate format. However, please keep in mind that some publishers may not offer a format that allows us to complete your exact request. In these unique situations, Disability and Accessibility Services will work with you to ensure you have access to an accessible version of your textbook, although it may not be your exact preferred format.
  • Disability and Accessibility Services will notify you when your alternate format materials are available for you to access. Files are primarily shared through Google Drive, however, we can also share through an alternate option like Dropbox or email.