GPA Calculation

Cumulative grade point average is calculated by dividing quality points earned by the number of attempted credit hours. Here is a chart showing the quality points for some common grades. This chart does not show all CSU-Global grade options. Please click here to see the full CSU-Global grading scale:

Grade EarnedPointsCourse CreditsQuality Points
A4312 (4 x 3)
B339 (3 x 3)
C236 (2 x 3)
D133 (1 x 3)
F030 (0 x 3)

So, if you took 2  three credit hour classes in the term and earned an A and B, here is how you will calculate your cumulative GPA for the term:

12 + 9 = 21 (Quality points for "A" + Quality Points for "B")

21/6 = 3.5 (Total quality points divided by total credits)

You can add up your total quality points and total credits for all classes at CSU-Global to calculate your cumulative GPA. 

You can also find your overall and trimester GPA from your unofficial transcripts available for download in the student portal.

Earned grades of S, U, W and I are not computed in the GPA, though they are included in your completion rate. Only CSU-Global credits are used for the purpose of computing your cumulative GPA.