Military Tuition Discount

Military Tuition Discount

Students who are an active duty service member, a veteran, or a military spouse/dependent, may be eligible for a discounted tuition rate.

The following documents are required before we can add the discount to your account:

  • Active Duty Service Members: Tuition Assistance Authorization OR a copy of servicemembers recent LES.
  • Veterans (retired/separated personnel with an honorable discharge): Your Certificate of Eligibility/Statement of Benefits OR a copy of your DD214 or NGB 22 as applicable showing Character of Service
  • Military Spouse/Dependents:  Proof of Service document (DD214, recent LES) as well as documentation of your relationship to the Service Member if last names don’t match. Must be under 26 years old be considered a dependent and eligible for the discount

Once you upload the required forms, the Student Financial Services team will be notified to approve and apply the discount to your file.  If there is more information needed then you will be notified via email. Please reach out to your student finance advisor with additional questions

Note: You are only allowed one discount at CSU-Global even if you fall into more than one category (ie Military Service Member AND Alumni)