Attendance obviously doesn't mean the same thing in a flexible, online learning environment, like CSU Global, as it does in an in-person setting. But following our attendance verification policy is important for your overall success.

In order to show your intent to attend a term you must post attendance in each course by turning in a graded assignment, like a discussion board post or a critical thinking assignment in week one. If you do not post by the 8th day of the course you will be unregistered from the course and refunded the cost of tuition.

Remember, once you have posted your attendance verification, you are expected to actively engage and participate in your class and turn in your coursework according to the syllabus so you can stay on track. If you don't participate in a course for 21 consecutive days, you will be administratively withdrawn from the course but are still responsible for the cost of tuition.

Let’s look at a few other important days as a part of our attendance policy:

Every course has what’s known as an open house period. This starts on the Friday before the course officially begins on Monday. During this time you will have access to your class and you can browse the syllabus and list of assignments, but you cannot post any graded assignments during this time.

All courses at CSU Global will start on a Monday. Your first week’s assignment, or your attendance verification assignment, is due by the end of that first week.

If you want to un-register from a course and still receive a full refund, you can do this by Monday of week 2.

The last day to withdraw from a class will be Monday of week 6. A withdrawal means you will receive a W as your grade in the class, and you will not receive a refund for the tuition cost. We recommend reaching out to your Success Counselor and Financial Aid Advisor before withdrawing to discuss any potential academic or financial impacts.

Your final portfolio project will be due on Sunday of the last week of class and all grades in your courses will be posted and reflected on your transcripts eight days from the last day of class.

The structure of each course is designed to keep you on track weekly and complete your work efficiently. We are here to support your academic progress so please do not hesitate to contact your Success Counselor with any course completion concerns.