Financial Aid Deferment

Financial Aid Deferment

A Financial Aid Deferment is meant for students who are eligible for and wish to utilize Financial Aid (FA) in a given Academic Year, however, there is something within their schedule preventing them from  receiving the aid at that time.  

An example of this might be if you are an undergraduate student taking 3 credits in the Winter A term and 3 credits in the Winter C term. Technically, you won’t meet the undergraduate half-time FA requirement (6 credits) until Winter C, so you will need to  fill out a Financial Aid Deferment Agreement (FADA), which will allow you to use the aid arriving later in the Academic year to cover the cost of your Winter courses.

Another example is if you are a  Graduate student taking a course in the Overlapping term. Financial Aid can only pay CSU-Global in the main terms, so you will be asked to fill out a Financial Aid deferment form to defer the payment of your tuition until the the FA can arrive.  

Please Note: Any balance not covered by Financial Aid or any balance not approved for a Deferment will be your responsibility and is due immediately. 

Please contact your student Advisor with any questions or to request this form.