What if I didn't file taxes?

If you were selected for Verification on your 2018/19 FAFSA, then you may have been asked to submit a Tax Return Transcript from your 2016 taxes (or your parent's/spouse's 2016 taxes). If you/your parent/spouse were not required to file 2016 taxes, you will need to provide additional documents to complete your verification. 

Below is a list of required documents for non-tax filers.  Please click on the links to other articles if you need help navigating the IRS website or don't understand the listed items:

  • One of the following items directly from the IRS:
    • Verification of Non-Filing Letter
    • A Tax Return Transcript/Account Transcript which indicates: "No Record Found" or "No Transcript on File"
    • IRS Tax Form 13873

Click on the following article for help navigating the IRS website: How do I get my tax documents online?

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