Pell Grant Schedules & Disbursements

Pell Grant Schedules & Disbursements

The Pell grant is awarded as a dollar amount to be used for the award year (2 trimesters).  Pell is designed to pay for 2 trimesters of full time attendance.  As of July 1, 2017, the Department of Education has introduced the option for you to receive additional Pell grant funds if you max out your Pell grant before the new FAFSA year begins (FAFSA years start on July 1st). Click here for more information on Year-Round Pell. 

Pell is awarded based on credit hours attended in the term.  If you attend more credits you will get more Pell, but your bill will also increase.

At the current time, a Pell grant will never be enough to cover the full cost of your class(es) so you will need to cover the remaining balance by accepting student loans or making out of pocket payments.  Pell grant amounts can change from year to year. 

Your Pell grant is automatically accepted and will pay out in each term on the "Approximate FA disbursement date" as seen on the academic calendar.

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