Learning Tools

What is a learning tool?

A learning tool is a supplemental resource that is used in the course to enhance the learning environment. Learning tools can be used as simulations, exam tools, interactive texts, and videos.  Each course that uses a learning tool will have information in the syllabus and/or a separate guide that can be found in the course itself.

What is the cost of a learning tool?

You can find the price of the learning tool in the student portal under course materials. Sometimes this will be an automatic charge to your student account and sometimes it will have to be paid directly. You can find out which your learning tool will have inside the Course Materials tab in your student portal.

Where can I find out more about a learning tool?

Each learning  tool will have more information available in the Course Information area of the Modules Tab in your course. You can look both in the course syllabus and a student guide if there is one. In addition there are several learning tools listed below.

  • Capsim
  • Cengage MindTap
  • Gamelearn
  • Hands-On Lab - Ordering Instructions
  • IBM SPSS Statistics Base GradPack 24
  • Harvard Business Simulation
  • Inquizitive
  • Jones and Bartlett
  • Late Night Labs
  • Labsim
  • Linux Academy
  • McGraw-Hill Connect
  • Pearson MyLabMastering
  • Stukent
  • Voice Vibes - Webcam and Microphone Required
  • Zybooks