Plagiarism Policy and Process

Plagiarism Policy and Process

Plagiarism offenses will be reported to the Office of Student Affairs,  who will record offenses, instruct Faculty of needed interventions, and communicate with students as appropriate.

In all instances of suspected plagiarism, the faculty member will  inform the Office of Student Affairs, who will check for prior reports of plagiarism in your record. The faculty member will also send a follow-up email to Student Affairs for documentation purposes, who will record the instance in the Plagiarism Log and in the student's record:

Please Note: If you are re-taking a course, CSU-Global expects you to submit all new work for credit. You are able to use a small portion of your original work as long as you cite yourself. For more information, please see the APA resources Page in the Library. Click on the "Plagiarism" tab, then you'll find a section on Self-Plagiarism in the middle of the Page. 

First Offense: For a first offense, the instructor will help you identify instances of plagiarism and discuss the prevention of plagiarism in the future.  There will be no penalties for the first offense and you will be given the option to resubmit the assignment. Grading of all work will be completed in alignment with the assignment grading rubric.

Second Offense: For a second offense, the instructor will discuss the situation with you and determine if the work should be re-done or if a grade of zero should be given. You will be required to review CSU-Global APA tutorials and make an appointment with staff to review any work to be resubmitted, or at least one upcoming class assignment. Student Affairs will notify you of CSU-Global requirements and policy and the consequences of failure to meet requirements. 

Third Offense: For a third offense, the instructor will notify you that you will receive a grade of zero for the assignment(s). Student Affairs will contact you to notify you that you are on disciplinary warning and that further offenses may result in dismissal from the University. At the discretion of the Provost, you may face immediate dismissal from the University.