Going Past due with Employer Reimbursement

Going Past due with Employer Reimbursement

While in an Employer Reimbursement tuition deferment status you have up to 30 days from the end of term to pay your tuition - please note that the last day of term is day one. 

If CSU-Global has not received payment by the 30th day then your account will go into a past due status and a hold will be added. You will not be able to register for or take future classes until the balance is paid in full and the hold is lifted.

Please ensure that you pay your tuition within the 30 days so that you avoid the past due hold or more severe penalties, like being sent to collections. 

If your account is in a past due hold, please pay the tuition owed and then be sure to contact your student advisor to have the past due hold lifted. If you are unable to pay the tuition, you have the option of setting-up a payment plan

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