In Class Communication

Discussion Forums

Discussions play an important role in how we learn and grow together. There are several ways to view the topic of a discussion board:

  • Click Modules in the left hand menu, then scroll down and click on the week's discussion forum
  • Click Discussions in the left hand menu, then choose the week you want to view from a shorter list
  • Click Assignments in the left hand menu, then scroll down and click on the week's discussion forum
  • Click Grades in the left hand menu and choose the link for the discussion you want to view

In most cases, there will be one discussion forum for each week in the course; however, this may be modified by your instructor. Be sure to review the Syllabus and weekly module requirements carefully to assure you don't miss any of your assignments.

To participate in the Discussion Board each week, select the appropriate forum and click into the text box that says "Reply" to make your initial response. We recommend you initially draft your post in an outside source (like Microsoft Word) and then copy it into the text box once finished. This will allow you to save your work for review later and assists with proof reading. Your initial post should be 150 words or more and substantive in nature. Be sure to click "Post Reply" to add your response to the Discussion Board. 

To reply to a fellow classmate, click on Reply at the bottom of their post, make your response (50 words or more), and click "Post Reply". 

Please note, you must make your initial post for each module’s discussion question no later than Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time. Your follow up posts to other students must be made no later than Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time. You should respond to at least two other students in each forum. Your initial response and your follow up responses must be substantive in nature or as dictated by your instructor.  Credit for late discussions is typically not allowed, so please make sure to stay on top of the Discussion Forums as you move through the course. See details in the late policy if you have additional questions about assignment due dates.

Live Classroom

In some of the courses, Live Classroom sessions will be offered. The Live Classroom is an online synchronous meeting tool that allows for video, audio, screen sharing, chat, and presentations. These events can be archived and viewed or downloaded later.

Internet Cafe

The internet cafe, found within the Discussions section of your class, is a social interaction platform. Here, you can discuss personal things, like what you did this weekend, with your classmates.