Withdrawal - Attendance

Withdrawal - Attendance (WA)

Attendance at CSU-Global is defined as submitting an assignment in the grade book: posting a discussion, responding to another student’s discussion post, completing a mastery exercise (within Canvas) or submitting a critical thinking assignment.

If you do not post attendance in a course for 21 consecutive days, you will be administratively withdrawn from the course. After 14 consecutive days of not posting attendance, you will receive an email notifying you that you have 7 days to post before being withdrawn. If you are withdrawn from the course, a WA will appear on your official transcript. Click here for more information on the Attendance Policy

You are still responsible for tuition for the course and this withdrawal may impact your financial aid eligibility. The WA notation will count towards attempted hours (Course Completion Rate) but will not have an impact on your cumulative GPA calculation.

If you are an undergraduate student with a WA on your account then you are no longer eligible for Latin Honors.