Mobile App - FAQs

Below are common questions that may come up when using the CSU Global Mobile App. If you have any additional questions that are not addressed, please be sure to reach out to Student Advising.

Quick-links to topics:


Academic Calendar

  • Selecting the Academic Calendar module will prompt a download of a PDF version of the CSU-Global academic calendar which will be saved to the individual device.

Course Registration

  • The course registration icon will redirect you to your Student Portal, in your device's native browser 


  • The library on the mobile app is a mobile version of the main CSU Global library website where students can access the same resources.

Financial Aid

  • Can I accept my financial aid through the app?
    • At this time the financial aid feature is a view only of your current financial aid awards. For more detailed information, or to accept financial aid, students will need to log into their Student Portal.
  • Why do my awards say "Expired"?
    • If a student has available financial aid that has not yet been accepted and we are beyond the start date of that respective trimester, the awards will say "expired". This does not necessarily mean they are unavailable, and students should still have the opportunity to review and accept those awards through the Student Portal.


  • Can I do my coursework through this app?
    • Yes! Canvas already has a mobile app that can be accessed through the  CSU Global app. Students can view grades, get notifications, see assignments and participate in discussion boards through the app.

CSU Global Help Center

  • There are several ways to use the Help Center through the mobile app:
    • Read through recommended and popular articles on the home page of the Help Center
    • Select the Table of Contents from the left side to browse through topics and find specific articles
    • Select the three lines on the top right to view the Search box. When typing in keywords, the Help Center will offer suggestions for articles that may be relevant. Or continue typing and press the magnifying glass to see more options.

Career Center

  • The Career Center module directs students into their Student Portal, possibly requiring Google authentication with CSU Global credentials, and lands on the Career Center home page.

CSU-Global Social Media

  • The app has quick links to the Facebook and Twitter pages for CSU Global
  • You will be asked to open the respective app if installed