In-School Deferments

In-School Deferments 

If you would like to defer your federal financial aid loans then you must be enrolled at a half time status, which is 6 credits/trimester for Undergraduate students and 3 credits/trimester for Graduate students.  CSU-Global reports enrollment status every term; however, you can also fill out an In-School Deferment Form if your lender is asking for loan payments while you are in school. 

Please Note: Undergraduate students who only take one course per term (3 credits) and have not registered for 6 credits or more within the trimester will be reported as less than half time. It's most beneficial to register for the entire trimester to avoid this issue. 

You should request the In-School Deferment form from your specific lender, fill out sections 1, 3, and 8 (if needed), then scan/fax it over to Financial Aid. Our FA team will then fill out the school portion and fax or e-mail the form over to your lender.  Please be sure that section 8 of the form includes your lender's name and fax number so we know where to send the form.

Please Note: We can only submit in-school deferment forms for trimesters that you are active in. Please contact Financial Aid with additional questions about In-School Deferments. 

Phone: 800-462-7845 Option 7