Can my employer pay my tuition?

Yes, your employer or a third-party may pay your tuition. They have several options on how to make a payment on your behalf.

1.   If your employer would like to pay by check, please see CAN I PAY WITH A CHECK? 

2.    If they would like to pay by credit card, please follow the below instructions on how to set them up with a PIN to log in and pay through the CashNet portal.

  1.  In the Student Portal, Click the My Account and Financial Aid tab, then click Pay My Tuition. This will take you to the CashNet payment portal. 
  2. Next, under the Third-Party Payer PINs section click “Add New”
  3. Fill out all required fields marked by a red asterisk (*). You will be required to create a PIN for your employer of your choosing.
  4.  Choose the access that you would like your payer to have to your account. 
    • If you would like them to be able to make payment, please choose “Yes” for “Should this person be allowed to log in?” AND either “Access only” or “Access & Receive Emails” for “Should this person have permission to access electronic bills and if so, also receive electronic bill email notifications?” 
  5. Click OK – this will send a welcome email to the email address entered for your Third-Party payer. The email will resemble the below example: 


3.    If your employer or third-party would like to set up a direct billing option, please contact your Student Advisor to learn more about that process.

4.    If your employer offers tuition reimbursement, you may qualify for a tuition deferment.  Visit our website for more information on employer reimbursement.