I cannot log into my class

You may try logging into your upcoming course and discover you cannot access.  This could be for two reasons:

  • The class has not officially started yet.  Most classes will open up by Friday evening, before the official start date of the course. The weekend before the class starts is called "open house**" period and allows students early access to the course. 

**Please note: Even though the course does not officially start until Monday, you will be able to submit course work during the open house.  However, your attendance in the course is marked based on assignment submission and will not be recorded until the course officially begins

  • If you are granted an exception for late registration, you may not have immediate access to your course.  It can take up to 2 hours for the course to populate, so be sure and wait a few hours and try again.

One possible work around is logging out of Canvas (grey person icon on the top left) and then logging back in through the student portal. Be sure to contact your student advisor if you have any problems.