What is a Book Voucher?

Book Allowance Vouchers

CSU Global offers students using federal financial aid the ability to charge their textbooks to their account in advance of their classes and disbursement of their financial aid rather than having to purchase books out of pocket. This option is called a "Book Voucher" or "Book Allowance." Students that have accepted financial aid on file automatically receive a book voucher 10 days in advance of a term, if registered for courses. Book vouchers are sent to students' CSU-Global email addresses.  To be eligible, students must be registered and have accepted financial aid for the term. If student's do not qualify for the voucher when the first batch is sent 10 days prior to the term start, another round will be sent the Friday before the first day of classes.

Use of the book voucher is optional. You do not need to use a book voucher if you don't want to. 

If you use the book voucher, the book charges will be added to your account balance for the term. Any financial aid disbursements for a term will be applied to all tuition and book charges first, before any stipend/refund is processed. 

The book voucher is not additional aid, but allocates a portion of the aid you have scheduled to be used toward books. Book vouchers can only be used to purchase books through the CSU-Global bookstore (MBS Direct). A CSU-Global book voucher will not be accepted by third party organizations, such as JB Learning, for necessary lab access or applicable textbooks.

NOTE: Please be sure to check the Booklist to see if your course offers a Redshelf digital textbook in Canvas. The Redshelf e-book charge is entirely separate from any book voucher charges. This means that if you purchase your required book with a book voucher, this does not automatically opt you out of your Redshelf book. If you do not want to use the Course e-book in Canvas, please be sure to manually opt-out during the first 7 days of your course (by Monday of Week 2) to avoid duplicate charges. 

Student Email Notification Below:

What is a book voucher?

The Book voucher allows you to charge the cost of your books and their shipping to your student account and let your financial aid pay these costs. If you use your book voucher, you are providing authorization to have the book charges posted to your student account and covered with your federal financial aid. 

Where do I use the book voucher?

Book vouchers can only be used at the CSU Global Bookstore at https://bncvirtual.com/csuglobal . You may check the status of your voucher at our CSU-G Bookstore and click at the top banner that says "Do you want to use your Book Voucher? Use it Here" or by visiting our Book Voucher page.

Do I have to use a book voucher?

No, you are not required to use a book voucher. 

What happens if I don’t have enough financial aid to cover the cost of my books?

You are responsible for all books charged to your account using the book voucher, regardless of the financial aid you actually receive. This means if you do not have enough financial aid, you will have to pay the difference out of pocket.

How and when will I receive my book voucher?

You will receive an email directly from Barnes and Noble College that will provide you with your voucher ID number and instructions for how to obtain your books approximately 10 days prior to the start of each term. 

My course uses Redshelf materials, do I need to use a book voucher?

If your course(s) use Redshelf materials, you will not need to use this voucher to purchase your books. If you would prefer a print textbook rather than the e-book from Redshelf, be sure to opt out of those materials after purchasing your print textbooks using the voucher.

How long can I use my book voucher?

Book vouchers DO have an expiration date that will be included in the email from Barnes and Noble College. It will usually be the sixth day of class of the term. If you have not utilized the voucher by the expiration date, you will be responsible for purchasing books on your own.

What if my book voucher isn’t enough to pay for my books?

If the cost of your required books are more than the amount of your book voucher, please reach out to your Financial Aid Advisor.

What if I have other questions about the book voucher?

Your Financial Aid Advisor is always happy to help you with any questions regarding the book voucher program.