Student Assistance Program

We understand that nontraditional students face different challenges. Juggling school, family, finances, and health can be overwhelming. With the CSU Global Student Assistance Program, every student has access to helpful resources and live support that go beyond the classroom. It’s more than school. It’s a community.

Student Assistance Program

The CSU Global Student Assistance Program offers 24/7, free and confidential help for CSU Global students. The Student Assistance Program houses a range of support from live assistance and online counseling to articles, skill-building activities, planning tools, seminars, and more.

Support services include:

•             Mental health
•             Work-life balance
•             Career development
•             Legal help
•             Financial help
•             Health and wellness
•             Family life
•             Relationships
•             Parenting
•             Adoption
•             Grief and loss
•             Localized search results for locating doctors, pharmacies, child care, etc.
•             Much, much more
How to access Student Assistance Program

Through the following link: Student Assistance Program or by clicking the link in the left hand navigation window of your student portal. 

Call the Student Assistance Program counseling number at 866-734-5890.