Master Degree vs. Master of Science vs. Master of Arts

Generally speaking, the difference between a Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Master degree is the content and objective of the degree program.  Here is a high-level synopsis of each type of degree:

Master of Arts: Focuses on the theory of a subject. Disciplines that do not have a technical application, like English or History, are offered as MA degree programs.

NOTE: CSU-Global does not currently offer any MA Programs

Master of Science: Focuses on the theory and has a stronger base of research in a subject. For example, the Master of Science in Management focuses on the theory (why) by researching the different disciplines of Management.

Here are a few examples of CSU-Global Master of Science Programs:

Master: Focuses primarily on the professional application of a subject. For example, the Master of Finance degree focuses on the how-to of finance rather than the theory behind finance.

Here are some of the CSU-Global Master Programs: