Textbooks and Course Materials

Part of preparing for your courses is making sure that you have any required course materials.  Remember to plan ahead so you have the textbooks you need before the start of each term.

The booklist can be accessed in the Student Portal and it is important to note that CSU Global releases three booklists each academic year, one for each trimester. For example, if you're taking courses in the Fall A, Fall B, Fall C, or Fall D term you would choose the Fall Booklist.

Once you're in the right booklist the terms are separated into tabs at the bottom. Make sure you are referencing the correct term. All of the courses are listed alphabetically by course code and next to each term, you'll find the title of each book. The full booklist will also include the edition, ISBN, author, and price. CSU Global has a partnership through RedShelf, which is a source for digital textbooks. If your course is using a Redshelf book, it will be integrated into the classroom. You do not need to order these books. Books that require ordering will be listed as bookstore and the books are available through the CSU Global bookstore. And, of course, you have the option of using an external source like Amazon.

Remember that if you're using federal financial aid to finance your coursework, you have the option to use a portion of your financial aid to purchase textbooks. This is done with a financial aid book voucher. You can read more about book vouchers here.

We are here to help and want to make sure you have what you need to have a successful term. If you have any questions about course materials please reach out to your Student Success Counselor.