Air Force GEM

Air Force GEM

The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is a regionally accredited two-year school that offers Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degrees, consisting of 64 credits. The CCAF does not offer any general education coursework. To complete your AAS degree with CCAF, you must either take courses at a civilian school (like CSU-Global) or take CLEP/DSST exams. 

If you choose to take your general education coursework with CSU-Global, then you will be enrolled as a Non-Degree Seeking Student in the GEM (General Education Mobile) program. We will not need a copy of your transcripts at this time. That said, if you choose to continue with CSU-Global in order to obtain a Bachelor's degree, then we will need your CCAF transcript at that time. 

As a student admitted under the Air Force GEM status, you will receive a discounted Tuition Rate of $250/credit hour (making the cost approximately $750/course), and you may be eligible to use Tuition Assistance (TA) Benefits to cover the cost. The tuition rate of $250/credit hour applies only while you are in a GEM status and would not carry over if you apply to a degree-seeking program. Please discuss the option of TA Benefits with your education office or commanding officer. 

Below are the courses that you will need to complete with CSU-Global:

CCAF Requirement CSU-Global Offers
Oral Communication COM200
Written Communication ENG101 or ENG102
Math MTH109 or MTH156
Social Sciences
SOC101 or POL101 or
HST201 or HST202
Humanities HUM101 or ENG130

Please click here for more information, found on the CSU-Global website