How do I get a tuition invoice?

You can access a copy of your invoice for any term through your student portal. Click on the tab labeled My Account and Financial Aid > Student Invoice > Choose your term > Download.

Tuition charges are posted 10 days prior to the start of the term.  If you are registered ahead of time, you can download an invoice once tuition has posted to your account. 

Note: Invoices will reflect final grades once they officially post which is typically 8 days after the term ends.  If your invoice must include a final grade for the course, please wait until at least the second Monday after class ends to pull your invoice.

Your invoice includes the following information:

  • Term (includes date range)
  • Course Code
  • Course Description
  • Course Grade 
  • Credit Hours
  • Cost Per Credit
  • Total Cost

If you require a special invoice, please contact our Student Accounts team or your Student Advisor.