Refund Preferences

You will be mailed a green packet of information from BankMobile, which you use to set up an online account and choose your refund preference. 

You will be directed to to begin the process. If you did not receive the green packet (and don't have your code) please visit and click on the "Need a Code" button at the bottom of the page or read the following article: BankMobile Personal Code.

The number provided in the mailed packet (or retrieved online) is used to establish the account specific to you. Once the online account is established, you will be asked to select your refund preference. 

 Refund preferences include:

  • Direct deposit into your existing personal bank account
  • Paper check mailed to you from BankMobile
  • Establishing a BankMobile account (Please note: This is an actual bank account with BankMobile and requires additional paperwork to set-up. There are also fees associated with this option)
  • Opting out of BankMobile and receiving a paper check directly from CSU-Global 

If you did not receive your BankMobile packet or have not set-up your refund option yet, please visit to do so. Feel free to reach out to your Financial Aid Advisor with additional questions or concerns. 

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