CSU Global Writing Center

One of the most frequently used resources on the Student Portal is the Writing Center. You can quickly navigate to the Writing Center by clicking the link on the left hand side of your portal homepage. 

The CSU Global Writing Center provides learners with resources and services focused on general writing skills and discipline-specific considerations. 

Learners have access to a number of tutorials, resources, and templates, each focused on supporting learners as they acclimate to CSU Global and our academic expectations. On the Writing Center homepage click on Tools and Tutorials to view these resources at any time. 

All CSU Global classes use a standard academic format, aligning to the 7th edition of APA standards. This standard helps to support learners as they adjust to academic writing. 

Learners who want personalized feedback and have specific questions have the option of a writing consultation. Learners can connect with a CSU Global writing consultant in two different ways. You can view these options by navigating to the Get Help tab at the top of the page and then selecting Writing Consultations.

The first option is an asynchronous session. Learners who cannot arrange to meet live with a consultant online have the option to upload their work for review by one of our writing consultants. During the upload process, learners can note areas where they need feedback and support. After uploading their document, the learner will receive written feedback on their submitted file as well as a summary of observations to help the learner further develop their writing skills. On the Writing Consultations page you can follow the step by step instructions on how to upload your assignment for review. 

The second option available is a synchronous consultation. In this option, learners connect with a writing consultant in a live one-on-one session, which includes the use of audio and video. This live session provides learners with the chance to have a back and forth dialogue, again, focused on developing their writing skills and addressing their specific questions and concerns. On the Writing Consultations page you can review how to schedule a session and what to expect at your appointment. 

What if a learner’s schedule does not allow for a synchronous session, or a learner wants a self-guided approach? The following resources can be found under the Tools and Tutorials link on the homepage of the Writing Center. 

Within the resources of the Writing Center, learners can access self-guided information on APA standards, including methods for citing sources and properly attributing information for a variety of assignment types. 

Additionally, the Writing Center offers samples and templates to get learners started down the right path in their work. In this section of the Writing Center, learners can take advantage of various templates and writing samples that represent the most common types of assignments they will encounter in their courses. Learners can review and download these to further support their success as they acclimate to the University and engage in academic discourse and critical thinking tasks.

Over the course of their academic careers, CSU Global learners will hone their ability to express their ideas clearly, logically, and effectively. The Writing Center provides tutorials around the writing and communication process, from start to finish. Through the resources provided, learners can review information on how to break down and understand an assignment, how to create a strong thesis statement, how to structure their work and, finally, how to proofread and edit their work to produce the best possible product.