E-signing Forms

While at CSU-Global, you may be asked by your advisor to submit various forms and documents. We accept electronic signatures as long as they are through Adobe software in the PDF format. Please open E-Sign Instructions.pdf to find instructions on how to electronically sign your forms.

Before E-signing, you need to find the appropriate form:

  • Go to the My Documents section of your student portal
  • Find the template or form you need and download the file
  • The form will download and open within the browser.  Be sure to save a copy of the blank form to your desktop first, before attempting to E-sign.  This will prevent blank documents from being submitted
  • Follow the E-Sign Instructions.pdf 
    • (You can use these instructions to create a new E-Signature as well as if you already have one but need it updated).
  • Upload your signed and completed form (from your desktop) back into the document center of your portal

Also, view our article for detailed instructions on how to upload documents to your document center.