About the SmarterID Pilot

During the Spring 20-B term, CSU Global will be piloting a new student authentication tool, SmarterID, in select courses. The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008 requires that accredited educational institutions, like CSU Global, have a procedure in place to verify that each online student who registers for an online course is the same student who participates in, completes, and receives credit for the course. The SmarterID pilot will help CSU Global leadership evaluate this tool, and allow us to incorporate student feedback on any proposed changes to the classroom.

About SmarterID

SmarterID is a student authentication tool that uses facial recognition technology to authenticate identity and ensure academic integrity. Applied in the CSU Global course format, SmarterID aims to standardize identity authentication for online students while engaging in classroom activities.

Technical Requirements and Support for Users

SmarterID is designed to work with a wide range of systems and devices. Students can find the current CSU Global Student Technology Requirements here. For SmarterID, students must ensure they have access to a webcam:

  • This can be a webcam that is built into a laptop or device;

  • If your laptop or device does not have a built in webcam, you will need to ensure you have access to an external webcam that is compatible with your computer or device.

For technical support:

How to Use SmarterID

If you are taking a Spring20-B course with the SmarterID pilot, you may encounter SmarterID technology when accessing your course or course assignments. The first time you encounter the SmarterID technology in your course, the facial recognition technology will record your image - this authentication image will be recorded as the reference for all future authentication.

When you are required to authenticate with SmarterID, a pop-up will appear on your computer screen (image reference below).

From this screen you have two options to proceed:

Option 1

Select “Continue” to move forward with authentication. Next, the SmarterID window will display the image available through your webcam. Move your face within the red box and follow any prompts to either get closer or farther away from your webcam. Once your image has been recorded, the box will change to green and the window will close. You can then proceed in the course or with submitting your assignment.

Option 2

Select “Need to skip?” in order to temporarily skip authentication. If you temporarily skip authentication, you will be taken to a screen where you select the reason you are skipping authentication (image reference below). There is a limit on how many times you can skip authentication before you are required to verify.

If it is determined that anyone other than the student is accessing the student’s course and assignments, the information will be reported to the university for review and enforcement of the Student Code of Conduct expectations. 

For assistance with accessibility requests due to a disability, please email

If you have any additional questions regarding this tool, please reach out to your Student Success Counselor.