What is SAP Probation?

You will be placed on SAP Probation if you fail to meet the minimum SAP standards while on SAP Warning. SAP Probation status is noted on the transcript until you return to Good Academic Standing. In addition, you will receive notification of SAP Probation status from the Registrar. All students that are placed on Academic Probation must submit an Academic SAP Probation Appeal form in order to continue taking courses during the probation period. 

The appeal form will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee and academic progress during the warning period will be reviewed. If approved, you will be issued an Academic Contract that will detail what you must complete in order to get back into Good Academic Standing, and if you have 1 or 2 trimesters to do so. 

Financial aid students in Academic Probation status ARE NOT eligible for Title IV funds unless a student appeal has been approved by the institution. 

You must indicate your desire to appeal financial aid eligibility on the SAP Probation Appeal form. The university will only approve a financial aid appeal if it determines that you had an extenuating circumstance that occurred and prevented you from successfully completing the coursework, and that you will be able to meet minimum standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress during the next trimester (according to the academic contract).

  • If you meet the required standards within the contracted time frame, you will be placed back into Good Academic Standing
  • If you cannot meet the required standards within contracted time frame, you will be placed on Academic Suspension
  • Students on SAP Probation who have not registered and completed coursework within 12 months will be administratively withdrawn