Loan Schedules & Disbursements

Loan Schedules and Disbursements

Financial Aid is packaged based on award years-Each award year consists of two trimesters.  Within an award year, your Financial Aid will be divided into 4 separate disbursements. Financial aid is disbursed within the parent terms of the trimester only.  For Burgundy track students, parent terms are considered the A and the C terms and for Gold track students they are the B and the D terms.

Financial Aid will not disburse unless you have reached at least half time status in the trimester. For graduate students, half time status is 3 credit hours within the trimester. For undergraduate students, half time status is 6 credits within the trimester.

Let's use the burgundy track as an example- if an undergraduate student takes 6 credits in the "A" term and 6 credits in the "C" term, they will receive one disbursement in the A term and another disbursement in the C term.  If a student takes only 3 credits in the A term and 3 credits in the C term, they won’t hit the 6 credits until the C term, so they will receive both disbursements in the C term. 

Students can find approximate dates for when their aid should disburse on the academic calendar for their track.

Please contact your Advisor for additional questions regarding your loan schedule as well as disbursements.