What is a PLA?

The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program is designed for undergraduate students who have previous professional experience (3 or more years) in a particular subject area.

You must first identify a specific course that matches your professional experience. Once you have found a course, you must obtain approval to complete as a PLA. Your student advisor can upload the PLA Program Application form to the Document Center of your portal for you.  Please be sure to identify how your experience directly relates to the course objectives.  You can review a Sample Syllabus to assist you.  

If approved, you would complete a portfolio project to earn credit for the course.  Specific assignment requirements and grading rubric would be provided to you upon approval for the PLA.  The cost of the PLA portfolio would be $150 which would be paid after submission of the project. Once you have paid your PLA fee, your project will be sent to a faculty member to be graded. 

To see a full description of a PLA check out this video.

Look at Do I qualify to take a PLA? and How do I register for a PLA? to get started.