Course Grade Book

Keep in mind that each CSU-Global course is worth 1000 points. Throughout the course, you will not see an assigned letter grade. One will not be assigned until the final grade is submitted by your instructor at the end of the course. 

Canvas Gradebook:

From your canvas course, select "Grades" at the left. From here, you can view all individual assignments and their grades and point totals, as well as a breakdown of your grades by assignment type and overall score. 

Schoology Gradebook:

Click the Grades icon at the left side of the course. When looking at your grade within your course, you will see that the system counts up as you complete your graded assignments. At the beginning of the term, you will see you have 0/1000 points.  With each passing week, you will see this number change to reflect the amount of points earned.  

You will be able to use the points shown to determine how many total points you need to earn in order to obtain the desired letter grade for a course.  For example, if you have 625 points as you move into the 8th week of your term, and you would like to receive an A in the course, you will need to receive a minimum of 325 points on your remaining graded work to get a total of 950 / 1000 points (95.0%).  You can find CSU-Global's grading scale here

Below are some visuals to help show you exactly what you will see: 

This is designed to show accuracy within your course allowing you to see your progress with each passing week.  If you need help determining your course standing, please contact your instructor.