How do I find elective courses?

To choose electives, please review the course descriptions of what CSU-Global offers by visiting the “courses of instruction” section in the academic catalog. You may choose any undergraduate course (100-499 level) you would like as long as you have not already taken the course, transferred similar credits to CSU-Global, or any class considered a Capstone class. You are able to select elective courses based on personal preference, professional interest, etc.

Undergraduate students who have several elective credits to fulfill may want to look at adding a Specialization to their program. A Specialization is a set of five courses (15 credits) around a chosen subject area. You can find more information about specializations through the CSU-Global website.  Note: Not all specializations are available to all programs.

Graduate level students don't typically have elective courses required to complete their program. The exception is Master of Professional Accounting students. For your elective options, please visit the academic catalog.