Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence

***For most students, the 365 day break policy is more advantageous, more information can be found about it here. ***

CSU-Global offers students in good academic standing, and not subject to disciplinary action, the opportunity to request a Leave of Absence (LOA).  LOA may be a good option if you plan to take a break for more than two 8-week terms, but you intend to return at a later date.  Keep in mind, you may only take a LOA four times during your program and the time period in which you are not enrolled cannot be more than a year.  If this occurs then you will be required to re-apply for admission.

Before considering an LOA, we encourage you to decide if a formal LOA is necessary. You are welcome to take a break from your studies for 1-2 terms without needing to request an LOA. 

If you are receiving financial aid, scholarships, or are part of a tuition guarantee program, please consult with your advisor about the LOA guidelines and the impact on these programs before requesting a leave.

Note: Financial Aid recipients are limited to a maximum of 180 days for leaves of absence.

To request an LOA you must:

  1. Complete and submit the LOA Request Form (and any supporting documentation requested)
  2. Request (and be approved for the LOA) before the first day of class in which the leave is desired
  3. Resolve any outstanding grades of Incomplete (I)

Eligibility will be checked and a decision will be made based on grades issued through the previous term.